Welcome to Regulatory Frameworks cc

Regulatory Frameworks cc is a regulatory consultancy firm providing consulting services including regulatory research, the drafting of regulatory instruments and the implementation of regulatory solutions.

Regulatory Frameworks has had exposure to the regulation of financial services, housing and housing finance, municipal finance, microfinance, cooperative banks, deposit insurance, social housing and rental housing, construction, and power generation.

Regulatory Frameworks is owned and managed by Rudolph Willemse, who has more than 20 years experience in legal practice, regulation, housing, development, and finance.

Regulatory Frameworks’ clients include government departments, regulators, banks, insurance companies, development finance institutions, developmental credit providers, consulting firms, international development agencies. Practically, on a day-to-day basis, Regulatory Frameworks

        • draft legislation and regulations
        • draft legal opinions and research reports
        • provide advice on regulatory objectives, frameworks, tools and instruments
        • design and oversee regulatory impact assessments
        • assist in the establishment and structuring of entities inside and outside of South Africa